Saturday, June 28, 2008

mellow moments

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Mine ( a dragon) was so big I had to hold it's hand out the car window so it could fly along next to me on road trips with mum and dad. Enter the world of artiste extrordinaire Amy Sol, whose incredible, ethereal landscapes feature fragile ladies surrounded by adoring creatures like childhood fantasies. So in love with her work!

Sipping pretty

Tea is hot. Candles are so hot right now.
A cup of tea has calories. Wax does not (that I know of).
Tea smells warm and inviting. So do these divine peony or jasmine scented candles from Mor cosmetics ($48). There is a gorgeous design at the bottom of each cup to enjoy when the wax is all gone and you're ready to refill it with the real stuff.
Also for tea time today I've got some fab lights that make good re-use of vintage cups, perfect to quirk up your office space or reading corner...$58 from Domestic Construction on Etsy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

If I was a dress...

...this would be me. I love it, illustrated silk! It's by the quirky and mysterious Australian label Perks and mini, but I found it on US online shop called Creatures of Comfort! V. expensive, i would totally buy it if I wasn't going to Europe in few months!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

this week's cool shape our friend the hexagon!
What we know about the hexagon: It has six sides.
Commonly found: Maths textbooks,vintage bathroom walls, bee hives.
Trendy application: Habitat (which is like Freedom Furniture in the UK but way better) is using this fab hexagon pattern in their new range.

Shaved lately?

Flash back to 1990. I was 10, and about to embark on my first attempt at SAVING THE PLANET.
'Recycle' was the new buzz word so I established a foundation called the Conservation Foundation (so original). I designed a logo, as I did for all my little 'ventures'. It featured a tree (original). Basically I led a team of kids in my class and we collected pencil shavings into paper bags for recycling (God knows why? There was plenty of waste paper around that was a lot easier to come by!).Poor Mum had to break it to me that they couldn't be recycled, at least not locally or for any useful purpose to our suddenly dying planet.
And here, immortalised, a gorgeous silver shaving spotted in Brunswick St, Melbourne..(I forget the name of it but it's the first cool shop on the street near the housing commissions). Or online at It's $200 by victoria mason.

Just looking

If you're reading this blog, you're probably 'just looking'. That's what I'm after from a blog, anyway. When you just want to look at pretty things streaming in a long line passed your tired eyes. Just all the pretty things in life. Just in my latest purchase. Just looking... for inspiration. Just looking...cos I'm broke and it's the next best thing! The first little thing I have here is an illo I did for a lovely book called 'Words without Melody' by Nikki Fletcher.